Ojamin Herb & Fruit Tonic

Ojamin Herb & Fruit is a novel tonic made from 14 different types of complementary herbs, fruits, flowers, leaves, seeds, roots and bark that are gently ground & milled in purified spring water. Our herbs are sourced from our pristine forests across Southeast Asia and beyond, hundreds of miles away from any pollution, artificial fertilisers or GMOs (genetically modified organisms).

Every herb in Ojamin Herb & Fruit was chosen via the dual criteria of ancient traditional use and contemporary scientific validation. Ojamin Herb & Fruit tonic comes in a bottle of 4 week supply as well as a pack of 14 sachets (1 week supply)

Ojamin® Herb & Fruit can be taken in many ways

Take Ojamin® Herb & Fruit first thing in the morning and mid-afternoon as a pick me up. It can be enjoyed in water (1 teaspoon), juice (1 teaspoon), tea (0.5 teaspoon & soup (1 teaspoon).

available in

water 2


Ojamin with juice


Ojamin with tea (without milk)

tea (without milk)

Ojamin with Soup


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