Ojamin Herb & Fruit is made from a combination of 14 ingredients. The all natural formulation has been proven to reverse fatty liver disease phenotype. Pre-clinical trials showed that Ojamin’s active ingredients directly repair liver cells damaged by fatty liver diseases, which can cause Type 2 diabetes. Clinical studies were undertaken by Innovative Concepts in Drug Development (ICDD) in France have shown that these supplements can lead to a reversal of T2D.

The original formulation of Ojamin was created in India in 1971 by LK Tate, who was diagnosed with diabetes aged 44. He resolved to heal himself and was inspired to blend a mixture of natural herbs and fruits including turmeric, basil, and watermelon seeds and which he
believed contributed to his eventual long and healthy life. He died aged 100.
A best seller in India and Asia, it is available in bottle, sachet, and capsule form and costs £29.99 for a month’s supply. www.ojamin.com

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