It began over 50 years ago when Mr. L. K. Tate, the founder of the original version of Ojamin® Herb & Fruit was diagnosed with diabetes at the age of 44. He chose to study Ayurveda and formulated a homemade tonic and he then shared his tonic with great success, becoming a bestseller across Asia. Mr. Tate lived a full and healthy life until 100.





Pete is the founder and CEO of MedTate. He heads the executive management and oversees the manufacturing and operational activities of the company.

Pete has consistently excelled in his academics as well as extracurricular activities. Throughout his academic career, he has studied on scholarships, whilst consistently being in the top 1 percentile of his class. He has also won several awards including the prestigious Graduate Merit Award at London School Economics.

Pete studied his Bachelor of Engineering with Joint Honours in Business Management from the King’s College London. He then went on to complete his Master of Science degree from London School of Economics as a scholarship student. Further, he worked in several institutions in the financial services industry including HSBC, Deloitte and Fidelity National Information Services (Previously SunGard).

Despite a secure career trajectory, his increasing passion on the nature’s ability to care and cure made him change his career direction towards healthcare industry. He decided to further embark on a PhD program to learn the financial aspects of setting up and managing a healthcare company. Thus he founded MedTate with the belief to use the best that Mother Nature offers, to develop breakthrough healthcare products. With the mission of Curing with Care.

Today, MedTate has developed several healthcare products. Its flagship product Ojamin is now available at the top 150 UK stores, including Selfridges and John Bell & Croydon. Further, the company launched its biotech division MedCure™, which has potential blockbuster products in the pipeline. It has formed several R&D and business collaborations with top academic institutions and reputed corporations.